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This detailed strategy session has been specifically engineered to identify the pain points and big visions of your current website and give you a concrete plan to implement them in a step-by-step manner. So much of the thought process behind website design seems to treat important changes and improvements as an all or nothing proposition—either overhaul your entire design or wait until you have the time and money to do so (which can easily translate into staying stuck and doing nothing). At Ess Effect Design we believe this can keep you from making meaningful changes sooner, and that can have a real impact on your bottom line.


includes 1-2 hour consultation, action plan tailored to your business + follow-up call

This website design strategy session breaks down the most impactful changes you can make in order of priority by taking into account your concrete business goals and your ideal vision for your online presence. We then detail the exact action items for each of those changes and work with you to empower you to make them yourself or we direct you to the exact resource you need. Our goal is to provide you with a complete roadmap that vests you with the power to move forward on important website improvements—which in turn moves you toward your business goals.

Explore the steps of the process below, and when you’re ready, take the no obligation Discovery Questionnaire to get started!

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The first step in our website strategy session is to establish a baseline of where your website is at and what your goals are. Filling out this questionnaire gives us insight and prepares us to jump into the live consultation with an understanding of what your needs, wants, and desires are for your website design improvements. It’s free to take the discovery questionnaire so feel free to dive in now and make the first move towards the beautiful website that works for your business.

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The next step of the process is an in-depth discussion where we clarify and dig into the aspects of your business that are your biggest blockers, and therefore your biggest opportunities. Getting to know you and your business in a specific way is crucial to offering you an action plan that actually works for increasing your client base and revenue through your website. Generic articles on what an SSL certificate is and why you need one aren’t as valuable as an expert telling you exactly who to contact and what to do for your website. The goal of this step is to gain clarity into what the highest priority, most valuable next steps are for your business.

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The third step in the process is the tangible value-add from this website strategy session. It is a complete step-by-step plan for how to get from where your website design is currently to where you need it to be. Based on the needs discussed in the live consultation, action steps are defined in a highly personalized way; if you are looking for guidance but want to be hands-on, detailed tutorials are provided. If you prefer to outsource tasks, we connect you with the perfect resource. The power of this guided plan is that you know exactly what the next most important step is for your website and exactly what to do to accomplish it.

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In the final step of your website strategy session, we meet for a final live discussion to review the plan and provide any additional clarification and insight needed for you to start taking the steps outlined. We are highly committed to supporting you on your way to a website website that is beautiful, functional, and works hard for your business.

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